Lauren (amyleefanatic) wrote in cali_fanfest,


Name: lauren



If there are any spots left for your area, are you interested in being a Section Leader? not entirely but if no one else wants it i will. i am really busy right now to decide

Are you possibly going to be able to make it to the fanfest? i belivev so if i start saving now

Do you think that we should charge to get into this fan fest so that it could be better? If so, how much is the max that you would be willing to pay? i'd only pay up to $10 and only if that money goes to good use for the fans

Do you think that donating something to the "Salvation Army" or to the homeless would be a good idea (would be given at the gates!): yea mebbe

What kind of things do you think would be fun to the Fanfest? show old videos. exchange stories. give everyone name tags.

Do you have any ideas for sponsors that we could use? we could ask them
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